Super Bowl Commercials

I went to a Super Bowl party last night. Even though I’m more of a soccer kind of gal and never understood the rules of football, I knew that I had two things to look forward to: Madonna’s half-time show and the TV commercials!

Well, a few commercials stood out for me. I like playing this game because they obviously spend millions of dollars to be remembered, so I like to see which ones were memorable for me. Continue reading

International Wire Transfers

I have received payments in euros via check in the past, and I have never had any issues, which is why I accepted a wire transfer payment from Europe without thinking too much about it. Well, I can now say, that they are two completely different beasts.

First of all, I had to fax (or email) all my bank information. I sat down with my banker to make sure that I had all of the ABA, routing numbers and other necessary codes for the transfer. Once I had everything, I had to send it to the client. Even though I do online banking and even shop online occasionally, I was quite nervous about actually having to send them my bank information. I trusted the client completely but you just never know who might get their hands on it and I have yet to learn how to encrypt emails. I tried calling them so I could avoid having to send the information, but in the course of an entire week we were unable to connect, so I sucked it up and used an online fax service to send them my info. (Who still owns a fax machine?!)

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