The Importance of Client Education


I have been wanting to quit Facebook recently, but I still follow some of the translation and interpreting groups on there, which makes it impossible to quit cold turkey. I really enjoy scrolling through people’s questions, comments, or even silly photos related to the profession.

Well, yesterday someone posted the following comment in one of the groups: “I have an odd scenario: another interpreter (not really qualified or trained) has been hired at the same event I have. She is asking me for my rate so that she can match it or not charge too high/low. Not sure what/how to answer her? Suggestions?” Continue reading

Ask and You Shall Receive

Next week, I am returning to the CDC for another 3 week conference during which I will be interpreting simultaneously. This is a difficult and a technical conference. I have worked at this conference twice in the past though so I am getting pretty familiar with the vocabulary.

When I got the call for the job, I was offered the same day rate as before. No surprise there, after all, why would they decide to increase the rate? But since the rate had not changed since my first time there (1 and a half years ago) and since I am getting comfortable with the vocabulary, I decided that an increase would be welcome.

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Super Bowl Commercials

I went to a Super Bowl party last night. Even though I’m more of a soccer kind of gal and never understood the rules of football, I knew that I had two things to look forward to: Madonna’s half-time show and the TV commercials!

Well, a few commercials stood out for me. I like playing this game because they obviously spend millions of dollars to be remembered, so I like to see which ones were memorable for me. Continue reading

International Wire Transfers

I have received payments in euros via check in the past, and I have never had any issues, which is why I accepted a wire transfer payment from Europe without thinking too much about it. Well, I can now say, that they are two completely different beasts.

First of all, I had to fax (or email) all my bank information. I sat down with my banker to make sure that I had all of the ABA, routing numbers and other necessary codes for the transfer. Once I had everything, I had to send it to the client. Even though I do online banking and even shop online occasionally, I was quite nervous about actually having to send them my bank information. I trusted the client completely but you just never know who might get their hands on it and I have yet to learn how to encrypt emails. I tried calling them so I could avoid having to send the information, but in the course of an entire week we were unable to connect, so I sucked it up and used an online fax service to send them my info. (Who still owns a fax machine?!)

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Scram, Scam!

Since I my last post about scams, I was contacted by a number of other scammers. Different “companies”, different approaches, different pseudonyms, one goal.

One of them was for an interpreting job. They accepted my fees without any hesitation and they offered to pay me before I even rendered my services! Even though a part of me wanted to believe it was true (who wouldn’t want the chunk of money up front?) deep down I knew that something was definitely wrong.

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