How to Create a Glossary

So you booked your first interpreting job but you are not very familiar with the vocabulary related to the subject-matter…

1- Open word, go to table and create a table with three columns (see below): the first one should be for your source language, the second one for your target language and the final one for your notes/comments.

On the top of the page, in bold, write the name of the conference, the date of the event and which language direction you will be working in.

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I Have a Smartphone!

At first, I usually resist trends at first, and I can often go for months, even years sometimes, but in the end I generally give in.

Well, I resisted smart phones until I could resist no more. I’ve been talking about converting to a smart phone for a little while now, but never actually got around to buying one, so my hubby did it for me, last week, for my birthday. I received a beautiful, shiny new Samsung Galaxy Precedent phone!

The reason I changed my mind is because of all of my frustrations from not having one:

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PDF Version Of My Interview With Marcela Jenney

A few months ago, I interviewed Marcela Jenney, an industry expert, about social networking, translators and branding. It was interesting and eye opening. I submitted my interview to the ATA and was delighted to be accepted. So I am honored to be featured as one of the writers for the February issue and even more grateful to have learned so much from Marcela in the process.

For those of you who have not been able to get your hands on the latest ATA Chronicle with my interview, here is a PDF version.

Enjoy! And please feel free to leave comments.

Super Bowl Commercials

I went to a Super Bowl party last night. Even though I’m more of a soccer kind of gal and never understood the rules of football, I knew that I had two things to look forward to: Madonna’s half-time show and the TV commercials!

Well, a few commercials stood out for me. I like playing this game because they obviously spend millions of dollars to be remembered, so I like to see which ones were memorable for me. Continue reading

I have a secret

Ok so it’s not really a secret but it’s not something I talk about openly on my blog either.

Before I started out in the translation industry, I did some wedding coordinating. It enabled me to get out of the house, meet some people, and get paid (fairly well) to do some of the other, non-linguistic things that I enjoy doing in life (i.e. coordinating, event planning and working with others.)

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