Travel Tips

This week I am in NY to work on a conference for “The Little Prince”.  As I was at the airport, I realized that despite my frequent flyer status, I have never written a post about traveling.

Here are some of my handy-dandy travel tips:

-Have your boarding pass emailed or texted to your phone to save paper. Take a “screenshot” photo of your boarding pass so that the QRC image is in your phone, under “pictures”. This way you will be sure to have it in case you lose coverage or internet connection while in line for TSA check. To learn how to make screenshots with your phone, type “android screenshots” or “iPhone screenshots” in Google. Charge your phone before leaving and of course, don’t forget your charger.

-Pack layers if you are not sure of the weather at your destination. Make sure that you have options for warmer days and for cooler days.

-Planes are sometimes freezing and sometimes boiling hot, wear layers and make sure that you can adjust to either situation.

-When packing, roll your clothes rather than folding them. You will save space and your clothes will be less wrinkly. If you’re travelling for work, invest in some non-iron dress shirts from Brooks Brothers. They are beautiful, don’t need ironing and will last forever. If I forget a non-iron short, and I forget to iron it the night before, I hang the shirt on the shower rod while showering and let the steam work its magic!

-If you are going to a hotel where they will provide shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer, then don’t pack your own. Take advantage of the free products.

-Never pack something new. If you have never worn it before, it could very well be a source of surprises!

-Always have some hand sanitizer (and/or hand wipes), gum (to avoid ear pressure during take off and landing), tissues and something good to read for the plane.

-Always make sure to eat before your flight; would you like some over salted peanuts or an overpriced boxed sandwich? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

-If you have two carry-on bags, take them both with you to the gate. You can usually check a bag at the gate and avoid paying for a baggage fee.

-For the flight, do not wear tight clothing, be sure to wear comfortable clothes such as jeans (but please don’t travel in PJ’s, slippers or sweats!), don’t travel in heels and out of respect for others please don’t wear perfume/cologne on the plane and please, please don’t polish your nails during the flight (yes, I’ve seen this happen).

-Never check your medication. And if you can’t afford to lose it, leave it at home.

-Never carry your phone, wallet or drivers license in your back pocket. It could fall out, or worse, be stolen.

-Be courteous to TSA agents. The easier you make their job, the quicker you will get through the lines. Wear shoes that are easy to take off and put back on, put your liquids in a zip lock bag, take off your sunglasses, scarf, coat and make sure that your laptop is in a separate bin. Do not buy any soda or water before security unless you can finish it before getting to the checkpoint!

-In the event you need to speak with a TSA agent, look for the highest ranking person. Generally that will be the one with three stripes on their shoulder boards.

-If you have a small bladder, go for the aisle seat. Having to wake a stranger up, and/or climb over them is more than just awkward, it’s annoying. Otherwise, large bladder people, go ahead and enjoy the view!

-Ok so this last one might be a little OCD, but I like to bring a small bag for personal trash. It’s so much nicer to have a place to put my used gum wrappers, tissues and empty soda cans during the flight instead of having to cram them into the magazine pocket and then forgetting about them. If you have a bag, you can give it to the flight attendant before landing. Much better for everyone. Good manners, good karma.

That’s all I can think of for now. If you travel a lot too, what are some of your secrets?




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