LinkedIn Endorsements

Like pretty much everyone else out there, I have a LinkedIn profile. And I have to say that although I’m not a huge fan of this social media website, I would like to learn how to use it more often in order to get more work. Do you use LinkedIn to get more work? If so, how? Please feel free to comment.

In any case, the reason for my post is that I have been getting many emails from LinkedIn recently notifying me that my contacts have endorsed me for certain skills. Unfortunately, people are endorsing me for skills that they cannot actually vouch for. For instance, some of my contacts in the translation field have endorsed me for my skills in advertising even though I had never worked with them as an advertising professional (advertising was my previous career).

My issue with this is that any first-level contact can endorse any skill on their contacts’ profiles. People should only endorse the skills that they can actually vouch for. Why endorse someone’s cooking skills if you have never tasted their food?  Also, I am looking to promote myself as a translator and as an interpreter, not as an advertising professional anymore, so when I see all of those non-vouch-able endorsements in a field that I no longer want to promote, it makes my profile seem incoherent, and it does not make for a clear brand identity.

Thankfully, these endorsements can be hidden. Go to “Edit profile” scroll down to “endorsements”, click on the pencil and then find “display endorsements”, and then “hide endorsements”.

Go check your profile and make sure that it accurately represents your own brand identity.

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