iPhone Apps

I traded in my Samsung android for an iPhone 5 and wanted to share some of the great apps that I have been using. And the best thing is, they are all free!

iCatcher is an app where you can add all of your favorite podcasts. I love the fact that I can see all of my podcasts in one place. It just makes things so much easier especially when you have a lot of podcasts that you want to follow.

-Speaking of podcasts, one of my favorite ones is called “A Way with words“. Be sure to add it in your iCatcher feed. During the show, the two hosts take listener questions regarding words, expressions and anything relating to the english language. If you are a language geek, like I am, then you will love it.

TuneIn radio to listen to my favorite Parisian radio stations!

Words with friends…need I say more?

Word Reference and Termium to look up words while I am on the go

Newscron is a newsfeed, like Flipboard, except that you can turn it into a foreign language news feed. In the settings you can choose any country you want and voilà.

What are some of your favorite language related apps?

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