I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, but I truly feel as though I have a good excuse…my husband and I sold our house and we moved! It’s been a crazy past few months but I finally feel as though I have some “down time”: I’m taking a course in technical translations through NYU, and I don’t have any big projects on the horizon.

Just as I realized how great it was to have this “down time” I realized that this is in fact the perfect time for me to do some serious business housekeeping! So here’s my “down time to-do” list:

-update my resume and online profiles

-dust off my website and revive my blog

-make sure that my income, expenses and mileage are in order

-do business development by reaching out to contacts, old and new, to acquire new assignments (and send them updated resume and contact info)

-find new agencies to work with (start with local agencies) and cold call/email them

-organize all of my work folders on my computer, and why not…

-read some books that will help improve/keep up with my language skills!

It’s when you are not busy that you can give your business the TLC and nurturing that it needs to grow.

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