AAIT 6th Annual Conference

Dear readers,

I’ve been neglecting you and I’m sorry… My excuse is that over the past few months I’ve been quite busy interpreting at conferences (youhhouuu!) and I’ve also been helping plan the AAIT 6th Annual Conference.

It just wrapped up and I wanted to share some of the takeaways I came home with from the conference.

First of all, we had some presentations on court interpreting. I’m somewhat intimidated by the idea of court interpreting so this is not something I ever really considered but after hearing experienced court interpretors say that one doesn’t necessarily need a legal background… I’m thinking why not at least open myself up to the idea? So I decided to ask one of my fellow AAIT board members who is a full-time certified court interpreter to see if I could go on a field trip with her. She accepted. I’ll report back afterwards.

We had a presenter from Toastmasters. This is an organization that I recently joined with the objective of becoming a better public speaker. I was inspired by the speaker who spoke with such ease, confidence and energy …I was reinforced in my decision to join the club and cannot wait to really get started!

Finally, we had an excellent panel of interpreters speak about their backgrounds, their experiences, how they got there and they also shared some valuable advice with us. Thanks to this panel I will be sure to record myself whenever I’m doing a simultaneous interpretation. Even though I really don’t like listening to my voice, it will be good to hear myself and see where I can use room for improvement. Also, I plan on strengthening my Hungarian. It is an “exotic” language after all, and I would love to be able to work with it someday.

Voila…in a nutsell. Great takeaways! Don’t you think?

I took some photos at the conference and posted them on our Facebook page. Please feel free to comment and share: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Atlanta-Association-of-Interpreters-and-Translators/198686690236790?ref=hl


2 thoughts on “AAIT 6th Annual Conference

  1. It was a great conference indeed, hats off to the organisers and speakers! I will write a short feedback article myself, but enjoyed to read yours and look forward to reading what you think about court interpreting after shadowing our colleague!
    It was also awesome meeting you in person and getting to know you. Keep in touch and see you in class!

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