Technical Terminology

AGCO is a tractor dealer company. They have several dealerships in Canada which is why they needed interpreters at their annual dealer conference.

As you can imagine, I do not know much about tractors… Thankfully, my fellow interpreter and I received most of the presentation materials ahead of time so we were able to create a pretty decent glossary.

However, some of the presentations were not made available to us beforehand, and those presentations were much more difficult to interpret.

Some agencies might not understand the importance of sending us the materials ahead of time. It is important to tell them that we need ALL of the presentations as the quality of our of interpretation depends on how well we prepare.

Here are some words that I would not have known had I not been able to prepare:

roof hatch- trappe de pavillon

round baler- presse a balles

tedder- faneuse


combine harvest machine- moissonneuse-batteuse

power take-off- prise de force

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