Super Bowl Commercials

I went to a Super Bowl party last night. Even though I’m more of a soccer kind of gal and never understood the rules of football, I knew that I had two things to look forward to: Madonna’s half-time show and the TV commercials!

Well, a few commercials stood out for me. I like playing this game because they obviously spend millions of dollars to be remembered, so I like to see which ones were memorable for me.

First one that comes to mind is the David Beckham ad for H&M. Shall I say, quite memorable. Guys: you’ve had Victoria’s Secret ads for years…now it was our turn! It reminded me of the Mark Walhberg Calvin Klein ads circa 1991. The next ad that comes to mind was the Dorito’s sling baby ad which combined the perfect ingredients for a great ad: a cute baby and some humor! Fiat’s Seduction ad was really funny because of the surprise ending: you think he’s making out with a beautiful women until…

I love Volkswagen in general and I love dogs which is why this ad is right up my alley, up until about 30 seconds into it. Another great dog commercial from last night is this Bud Light one. It promotes dog rescues and the furry star is really smart and cute!

Then, some of my least favorite ads came to mind, like the one with Clint Eastwood which is probably a great ad but seemed like a downer in the midst of all of the other more light-hearted ads. I also thought that the Jerry Seinfeld zip-line was a little too long and not all that funny, in my opinion.

Finally, I thought that Madonna was just amazing. My favorite song was “Like a Prayer” with Cee-Lo. I honestly think that she should have won a trophy!

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Which were your favorite ads?

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