My Article In The ATA Chronicle

Inspired by Catherine whose interview with Chris Durban was not only featured in The ATA Chronicle, but also in a number of blogs and webinars, I started toying with the idea of interviewing an experienced professional in the industry myself. I knew that it would be a great learning opportunity in terms of the industry (which is still somewhat new to me), creating relationships with potential mentors, overcoming some of my own nervousness…and hey, in the process I might even get my name out.

I felt as though everywhere I turned, people were tweeting or talking about Catherine’s interview. Even as I was sitting in my interpreting class in NYU watching Chris Durban’s webinar, this article was mentioned. I was inspired and decided to attempt an interview of my own. Why not try? Why not shoot for the stars, right?

So after the AAIT conference, I took my courage in both hands, and asked Marcela Jenney, one of the presenters,  if I could interview her. I was honored when she agreed! She spoke about “Becoming a ‘Price-Maker’ By Leveraging Social Media” which was the starting point for my interview. We met for lunch. I had my digital voice recorder and a print-out of the questions that I had scrupulously prepared.

We had a very pleasant lunch. It did not even feel as though we were doing an interview. After typing everything out, editing like crazy and proof reading obsessively, I finally hit the “send” button and submitted it to the ATA. One would have surely thought that I was about to set off a bomb or something. It seemed like months before I heard the good news, which still seems somewhat unreal, but I am very proud to announce that my interview entitled “Interview with Marcela Jenney, Translators and Branding 2.0” will be published in the February issue of The ATA Chronicle!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it!


6 thoughts on “My Article In The ATA Chronicle

    • I think you have to subscribe in order to see the issues in PDF format as well. I can have one sent to you though. Email me your mailing address. 🙂

  1. Well-done, Jen! Just read the article and really enjoyed it. Very relevant questions for the industry. Translators need as much expertise in marketing/ branding as they do in the work itself… I have my business plan for this year, but this is a good reminder I need one for the next five years. As to being client-oriented: not a problem, I love servicing customers… I just need to find the right approach to earn their trust and patronage. Cheers!

    • Hi Nadia! I’m so glad that you read and enjoyed the article. I’m even happier to hear that you thought that it was relevant.
      Looking forward to more exchanges with you.

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