Answer your phone!

Last Tuesday evening, at 5pm I received a phone call from an agency, and luckily I answered right away.

They needed someone for the next day for a healthcare interpreting job. The assignment was to accompany a patient in his cardiology and nephrology exam. Although I had never done healthcare interpreting and had no clue what “nephrology” was, I accepted the job and vowed to spend the rest of the evening and the following morning, building my glossary and reading up about the two fields.

I am glad that I answered my phone for several reasons:

-I made some money

-I learned a lot about the two fields

-the agency now knows that they can count on me, and hopefully they’ll keep thinking of me for their French assignments

-I built myself a great glossary that I can use for the future

-I now know that I can do healthcare interpreting

It’s funny how one little green button can lead to so many great things!

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