Dear Google Voice, I’m a fan.

A few months ago I discovered Google Voice and can now truly say that I love it! Here’s why:

-Long distance calling rates are extremely low: France landlines US0.2¢/mn, Columbia landines US0.4¢/mn, Hungary landines US0.2¢/mn. Click here to see all of the rates.

-You can select a phone number on Google Voice and have those calls forwarded to your cell phone or landline. I actually give out my Google voice number as my “work” number and still receive calls on my cell phone.

-You can record your personalized voice mail greeting just like with any other voice mail system.

-Now, this one is really cool: you can receive your voice mails in the form of a text message, the messages are transcribed and then sent to your cell phone so you can immediately read your voice message, or you can receive messages via email and listen to messages online from your Google voice mailbox.

-Apparently you can also record conversations, have conference calls, share voice mails, and block callers. I have not tried these yet but love that I have the option.

I am all about convenience, low-rates and ease-of-use! I’m a fan.

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