In 2020, Consumers Will Define the Market

As part of my resolution to attend as many networking events as humanly possible, I went to the AMA signature luncheon yesterday and listened to a panel of professionals (from Google, Coca-Cola, Chick Fil-A and Cox) speak about “Marketing in 2020.”

Turns out, in 2020, the market will be driven by consumers. The trend has already begun since consumers have a voice and are being heard via social media.

A corporation’s success will lie in its flexibly and how well it adapts to consumer needs.

One great example is the suburban, fried chicken, fast-food chain Chick Fil-A: they found out that Moms hated ordering at the counter so much, that they would order at the drive-thru, go park the car and take the kids to eat indoors! They just thought that the lines were messy, ordering took too long and that it was just a hassle.

Chick Fil-A saw this as an opportunity and created “Mom valet” which is a service where Moms, and their kids, can order and pay at the drive-thru, request high chairs, place mats, condiments, and by the time they park and go inside, their food, their drinks and everything else they had requested is set out for them on their table.


Can you think of any examples where a company adapted to the needs of its customers?

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