It pays to be proactive

Yesterday I spent the entire day interpreting for the Mayor of Toulouse in all of his official meetings (of which one was with the Mayor of Atlanta). I’m exhausted but so extremely grateful at the same time. I’m grateful for the learning experience and also to have met so many influential people in my city.

How, might you ask, did I get such a high profile job? Well, I followed Judy Jenner’s advice. In her book “Entrepreneurial Linguist” she suggests going on to your local convention bureau website and seeking out those conventions that may need an interpreter. I did just that and found that an event by the name “France-Atlanta” was going to be taking place. So I sent an email to the organizers saying that I was available and interested in working for them (thinking I’d be in a booth!) and next thing I know, they are telling me that the Mayor of Toulouse will be coming and needs an interpreter.

Et voila!

7 thoughts on “It pays to be proactive

    • Thanks Judy! It happened thanks to you and your advice. =) As you can imagine I was actually pretty nervous so I’m glad I seemed calm and all.

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