Translated Slogans – Part 1

For my French speaking readers, enjoy!

Air France

“Gagner le coeur du monde” (in French)

“Winning the hearts of the world” (in English)


“Prenez de l’avance” (in French)

“Be a touch ahead” (in English)

Alfred dunhill

“Tres recherché depuis 1893″(in French)

“Wanted since 1893” (in English)

Bourjois (nailpolish)

“Oups, c’est vraiment cette couleur que vous vouliez?” (in French)

“Watch out! Take one…and you could fall for them all” (in English)


“L’efficacité des soins” (in French)

“No one understands your skin better” (in English)


“La passion nous anime” (in French)

“Driven by passion” (in English)

France Télécom

“Partenaire du plus beau terrain d’entente” (in French)

“Sharing common ground” (in English)

Hewlett Packard

“HP. Et tout devient possible.” (in French)

“Expanding possibilites.” (in English)

Hugo Boss

“N’imitez pas. Innovez.” (in French)

“Innovate. Don’t imitate.” (in English)

From “Publicité et Traduction” by Mathieu Guidère.

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