French TV/Radio Shows Online

This one is for the French speakers who do not live in a French speaking country and want to keep up with French media. Here are some of my favorite websites:

Le Zapping is a daily 5mn compilation of what happened on TV that same day. Every January they come out with “l’Année du Zapping” which I love watching! From this page, you can go watch other shows on Canal +.

Nearly every day, I try and watch the news on France 2. For other shows on France Televisions (such as Envoyé Spéciale, Complément d’Enquête, Les 4 Vérités, Mots Croisés, Revue de Presse…) click here.

Trivia shows are fun and one can always learn a thing or two. So when you’re in the mood for French-style Jeopardy, watch Questions pour Un Champion.

Whenever I want to know what the French are thinking about a current news story, I watch a debate either on Ce Soir ou Jamais, C’est à vous or C’est Dans L’air.

And to make the most out of my time spent in the car, I download some French podcasts to listen to from my iPod, et voilà! Just go the Radio France music store. iTunes has plenty of other French radio shows to choose from.

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