CMOS (Care More Or Scram!)

Ok, fine… so the real abbreviation is, of course, Chicago Manual Of Style. But I do think that we all need to pay more attention to the way we write and to our style in general.

Translators and advertisers especially. We are writers and marketers, so we must know the rules.

Consistency is key when it comes to style. Pick one style guide, and stick with it.

My style of choice: CMOS, and what’s great is that it is actually available online. I used the 30-day trial before subscribing.

It’s so easy to use. Whenever I have a doubt or a question, I just log on, enter my key words into their search box, very much like Google, and then just wait for the results to pop up in order to find the answer to my question. Et voilà!

For instance, I was recently wondering about whether or not we are to capitalize after a colon. Other style guides may disagree, but CMOS advised me to lowercase the word after the colon, unless it is a proper name. Here is an example provided by CMOS for this question: “The watch came with a choice of three bands: stainless steel, plastic, or leather.”


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