What Do Balzac and Nike Have in Common?

Here I am world! Me voilà mes chéris! Finally here writing my first blog post.

As I am peeling through my list of blog post ideas to help me decide what topic to select, I cannot decide which one to go with, after all, this is my first blog post: bilingualism, grammar, subtitles, French TV shows online…which one is the right one for my first ever posting?

Overreacting? Probably! Writers block? You bet! But in any case, this is how I came to decide on my topic.

When I don’t know what to write about, or how to write it, I think of Nike’s slogan and tweak it just a bit: JUST (WRITE) IT! Nothing gets the juices flowing better than actively writing. But you have to start somewhere.

Once I have started, I sometimes find it hard to actually keep going. When this happens, I find inspiration in Balzac who was known for writing au fil de sa plume or writing as thoughts come to mind.

In both cases, it’s about being active and writing what’s on your mind regardless of the outcome. Structure can be fixed. Grammar, corrected. But having that first draft ready to be proofed: priceless!

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